Who knew I was gay no longer attended my school

The parents protesting LGBT lessons in schools

We hope this new largely symbolic measure will help us create a more pleasant and cultivated environment for all of our readers, and, as always, we thank you deeply for your support. Let this Spirit Day remind you that there is a whole community across the country, outside of your own little bubble, that is ready to support you just the way you are.

It felt like a personal rejection.

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who knew I was gay no longer attended my school

But what does come as a surprise is that despite an explicit anti-gay program, their school benefits from diverted public funds while its LGBTQ students must hide their sexualities and live in constant fear of condemnation and rejection.

For many students, deciding whom to trust can be a source of stress. Just because someone might be very open about their identity doesn't mean you have to be. As a result of these various forms of interference, students in GSAs at times ran into resistance and self-censorship from advisors who anticipated pushback from the school administration or parents.

Campus Pride provides a list of colleges and universities with gender-neutral housing on or near campus. A minute later, they fixed their gaze on a boy sitting against a wall listening to his iPod.

Who knew I was gay no longer attended my school
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