While the popular gay hook up app Grindr is not

So, that means all you need to find your right guy is your smartphone and a hookup app and your fun can start. If you want to keep people from your profile and from chatting with you, there is a feature to define who to have access to you and who you want to have access to.

Again, not a full-proof plan because in theory they could be using a burner, but it is yet another way to help make sure that the hookup is safe. Finding your Mr. You can make significant relationships with your hookups if you want but you can also enjoy hot one night stands , the choice is yours.

But if you have his phone number, you can ask to FaceTime him, too.

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And that might change from moment to moment. You can draw a m ft radius around your own location on a map and know he is somewhere on the edge of that circle. How you can use Grindr for friendship, and my own story of how a Grindr hookup turned into one of my best friends. Design Microsoft went all in on accessible design.

While the popular gay hook up app Grindr is not
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