UKWELI Mombasa - Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya

Transgender Day of Remembrance 20 Nov The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya has been instrumental in establishing and re-establishing working relationships and alliances with Government institutions and Civil Society organizations through which to inspire a society that appreciates diversity and recognizes that everyone has a right to equal opportunities irrespective of their real or perceived sexual orientation, gender and expression.

In July , for example, 40 people were arrested for 'suspected homosexuality' in a Nairobi nightclub. All rights reserved.

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  • We can end this stigma. Contact Email gaykenyatrust gmail.
  • If they plead not guilty but cannot make cash bail, they are imprisoned for several months until the next hearing. Currently, Jane is on responsibilities are to fundraise and build sabbatical leave, and is serving as a partnerships with allies committed to the Global Engagement Fellow at the Hu- cause for equality for sexual minority man Rights Campaign HRC in Wash- persons in Kenya.
  • However, in an interview with Human Rights Watch in September , a high-ranking Mombasa police official denied allegations of police abuse of male sex workers. On February 23, the final day of the workshop, town residents became aware that the center was hosting a workshop for MSM.
  • A man grabbed Samir, placed a cold object against his neck, and warned him not to shout.
  • The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, a governmental body, took a bold step in recommending the decriminalization of same-sex conduct.
  • Frequent denunciations by those in power have created a toxic atmosphere of homophobia, which sometimes spills over into violence and, more often, into government harassment.
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In addition, art. Local governments in Kenya address sex work through county laws as well as national laws. Being harmed because of who we are is a huge issue. Thoroughly investigate complaints concerning police abuse against civilians on the basis of their gender identity or sexual orientation, and refer for prosecution police officers responsible for such abuse.

UKWELI Mombasa - Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya
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