There are quite a few gay murderers within these stories

One junkie had poured boiling water over another chick, stabbed her repeatedly and cut off one of her tits. According to the FBI , it's a murderer who kills two or more people within 30 days, with a cooling-off period in between. It was three girls — two were adults and one was still in high school — and the parents.

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All this still is not quite enough. That being said, there do seem to be some examples. If McArthur has been committing crimes since the s or s then this is going to be an extremely difficult investigation. And the strange thing is that this average, more than middling dull, pooped-out piece of utterly unreal and mechanical fiction is not terribly different from what are called the masterpieces of the art.

There are no vital and significant forms of art; there is only art, and precious little of that. Closeted people are still particularly susceptible to victimization by predators.

There are quite a few gay murderers within these stories
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