Supporter of gay marriage: I am a straight man married

Different people have their different feelings about their marriages. That's nonsense. Nevertheless, the original post and the subsequent replies have not gone down well with some of Grindr's millions of users, as well as some staff at the Los Angeles-based firm—a point highlighted by the fact that Into took the unusual step of reporting on its parent company.

Give it another year and someone could remake Bridesmaids with a man in the leading role. He finds most of the guys on Craigslist or dating sites like Squirt. Following that logic, I wouldn't be surprised if my ex-married friends start being labeled "divorce-gays.

If we don't have a husband we are not only unfortunate, but we must find one before we get too old.

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We in America send such mixed messages about sex, it's no wonder marriages like this happen. Interestingly and quite ironically, marriage is a fundamental civil right only until the subject of polygamy is raised. We can't apply today's knowledge to that era; back then we didn't know what we know today.

Radical feminists have graduated from academia to the civil service and political parties, and are pushing this new reality where there are no men and women, and the family resides in the mind of the state, not in natural law. That homosexual relations existed, no one can question, but to turn them to formal marriages, I do not believe.

Since the US Supreme Court has declared 14 times that marriage is a fundamental right for all, according to the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

Supporter of gay marriage: I am a straight man married
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