Questionnaires from 30 gay fathers and 30 gay nonfathers derived

Cruelty and ignorance. The more positive outcomes for gay father families in terms of parental well-being and parent—child relationships may be associated with characteristics of the parents or of the children. Comparisons between gay and lesbian families enable the influence of parental gender on child development to be examined in a novel way by controlling for the presence of two parents.

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However, Barrett and Tasker pointed out three areas of concern that gay fathers reported having about their children's feelings and experiences, namely tension in keeping a secret, being teased or bullied by other children, and feeling different. Homosexual parents who become parents outside the context of a heterosexual relationship may, in fact, be better parents, due to the conscious nature of their choosing to be parents.

The central purpose of this review has been to highlight the gaps in research on gay and bisexual fathers in order to indicate novel and needed research directions. Family transitions: Adaptations to stress.

Questionnaires from 30 gay fathers and 30 gay nonfathers derived
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