One of the gay men told Human Rights Watch:

Human Rights Watch releases report on gay rights in Russia

None of us ever, ever believed this would happen to us. Meanwhile, Russian federal officials "have repeatedly pointed to the lack of victim complaints to suggest the allegations are merely rumors," Gorbunova said.

My family did not know that it was the policemen writing back to them.

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One of the gay men told Human Rights Watch:

Long cited the evidence of an "unexpected Europe" rolling back the post- democratic advances: "faces bleeding, people running, the air streaked with tear-gas trails. In addition to assisting numerous men to flee the violence to safer countries, Long researched a detailed report on the pattern of death-squad killings, placing main responsibility squarely on Moqtada al-Sadr 's Mahdi Army , which hoped to use a moral panic to reassert its relevance amid the US "surge" in Iraq.

Human Rights Watch, November

One of the gay men told Human Rights Watch:
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