Niagara Regional Gay Men’s Group

Feeling anxious or nervous about the holiday season? Became Better Self Y. Advisor: Frank Boeck, C, It is wonderful to see how everyone openly shares their experiences in a welcoming, friendly and fun environment. I invite And then a light went on in my head that was switched off my whole life.

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  • Canadian Mental Health Association, National Office CMHA National, charitable organization that promotes the mental health of all and supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness.
  • During the s, fewer than twelve civil liberties groups were active in Canada.
  • Co-ordinates the services provided in the Niagara Peninsula for the support and guidance of those dealing with the pain of grief and loss. We focus on what clients want to achieve for their future through therapy rather than on the past problem s
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A community based organization committed to recognizing and responding to the stigma and challenges posed by HIV and AIDS on individuals and communities through education, support and outreach. Under its new mandate, economic and social rights were accorded equal if not greater importance to civil and political rights.

Addictions including Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling. Civil liberties groups successfully fought to have the law overturned in the s as a violation of due process.

Niagara Regional Gay Men’s Group
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