Miss me with that Gay Birthday Shit Happy

Because, even if I really enjoyed some of these stories, this book was…strangely obsessed with trans characters. Planchette by Carolyn Gage. Infinite Scroll. The inclusion of a screenplay style story threw me off a little, but otherwise, it was very enjoyable!

Other favorites were First Light at Dawn by 3. Sep 04, H.

Gives voice to the reality of gay and lesbian lives

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  • L. A. Affairs: I was 55, gay and worried: Why would anyone want to date me?
  • They get along great and soon friendship turns to more. Once I read that I skipped to the next story.
  • Jesus Christ that image on the front page. And that's including counting all characters that I was unsure if they were bi or lesbian as being lesbian.
  • Birthday Landscapes by EH Timms. Read on my blog.
  • Honestly I loved this book so much. As they walk through town they meet various people in trouble and help them out.
  • It is a short contemporary story about a young trans guy who just recently meet a childhood acquaintance Nick at the GSA of his school again.
  • There's a lot to enjoy about this story of the pair wandering through town and the people they help along the way, but the whole thing moved way too fast in the relationship department, I think.
Miss me with that Gay Birthday Shit Happy

And of course if you just read the beginning of "Hunt and Peck" you'll never even find out that lesbian isn't a dude. I'll give a brief review of each story below! I understand why the story is necessary.

Miss me with that Gay Birthday Shit Happy
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