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  • The bells were in one of the true Hampshire weather-boarded square towers, of which very few still exist in their picturesqueness. The facts, that they are established and owned by private individuals or corporations, and that the general public must pay a certain fee or toll for the privilege of using them, do not affect their legal character.
  • He was a principal instrument of translating the Psalms into English metre; the first twenty-six and seven-and-thirty in all [28] being by him performed.
  • A new parchment parish register was provided in , and very carefully kept by the curate, John Newcombe, who yearly showed it up to the magistrates at the Petty Sessions, when it was signed by two of them.
  • Most of the trees in the churchyard were planted by Mr.
Meet Gay Men in Raleigh Fishmay All rights reserved

He is also said to have had a kind of menagerie, and to have been once in danger from either a bear or a leopard; the man at Hursley who rescued him did not seem in his old age to be clear which it was, though he considered himself to have a claim on the property.

His natural dominion over his property terminates with his death. Jack F. But if a similar state of affairs were to arise in one of the American States as exists in Ireland to-day, and the public order and peace were daily and hourly threatened by the lack of small land holdings, and the exactions of absentee landlords; if the quiet and order of prosperous times could be restored by an expropriation of the land of large land owners, it would be eminently republican for the State to do so; taking care that the expropriation does not extend beyond the public necessity.

Meet Gay Men in Raleigh Fishmay All rights reserved
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