I can say I had a first gay experience

Um, me and my mom's ex boyfriend's son showed our dicks to each other. Late in the night, I think we had just watched Death Note , we agreed we were both ready to drop so we turned off my tv and climbed into my bed. Pretty decent for a first time. And on my way back to the subway, I saw my reflection in a store window, and I was surprised to see that I looked the same!

But I wouldn't screw up a friendship so I didn't do it.

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None of them seemed to have had any real passion or romantic feelings or relationship instincts towards guys. So if a man had one encounter with another man in high school, and never again, I guess that makes him "bi" for life? It's either this or be alone for life, and I'd rather die than go back to the crippling loneliness that was my teens and 20s.

I can say I had a first gay experience
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