Gay propaganda law passed in We ve used Airbnb extensively

In other words, Americans could now be subjected to the hardcore, massively manipulative and disinformation-filled propaganda that is usually reserved for foreign countries such as Iraq. The primary difference is public support. In practice, the law has given police broad license to interpret almost any mention of being LGBT—whether uttered, printed, or signified by waving a rainbow flag—as just cause to arrest LGBT people.

The first arrest made under the propaganda law occurred just hours after it was passed: year-old activist Dmitry Isakov was arrested in Kazan for publicly holding a sign reading "Freedom to the Gays and Lesbians of Russia. Support The Vigilant Citizen on Patreon.

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That brings to 54 the number of opponents of the law who were led away in plastic handcuffs or carried away on the General Assembly's opening day of its annual work session. The conflict over HB2 led the authors of an opera to hold a performance inside the building where the law got approved.

In certain states, cities have the authority to set artificially high mandated wage levels for the private sector. After taking several questions on the topic, McCrory ended the question-and-answer session and went into the school's administrative office, avoiding reporters who waited in front of the school to ask additional questions.

Gay propaganda law passed in We ve used Airbnb extensively
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