Gay alternatively Gaye is a male or female given name

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  • Saint Gaetano was a 16th-century Italian priest who founded the Theatines. Objects, for example Peter means "rock" and Edgar means "rich spear ".
  • You guys eat scallops? They built and provided homes for their employees.
  • This name was borne by Egyptian president Gamal Nasser
  • You know, I no longer have to watch my back. We come down here, hit the water.
  • Time of birth, for example day of the week, as in Kofi Annan , whose given name means "born on Friday", or the holiday on which one was born, for example, the name Natalie meaning "born on Christmas day" in Latin.
  • When people look at the name Gaye. Name list This page or section lists people that share the same given name.
Gay alternatively Gaye is a male or female given name

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Gay alternatively Gaye is a male or female given name
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