Bali is not the gay friendly place in Indonesia, in Java Island, we have Yogya


The lake is a crater lake formed by the collapse of an ancient volcanic caldera after it exploded about thousand years ago. You can definitely find cheaper if you dig hard enough, especially further away from the really popular tourist areas.

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Don't eat, drink or smoke in public or in front of people who are fasting. With nearly 20, islands scattered across an area equal to the width of the USA, it's a shockingly diverse place, culturally and geographically, and if you've got time on your hands, you'd be foolish to confine yourself to its tourist theme parks, when areas like Flores, Sulawesi, and the Banda Islands or even Lombok away from the Gilis!

All Recommendations. I know homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia except Aceh but there has been a lot of publicity lately about gay people being harassed and even arrested under pornography or public decency laws. However your comments have given me some reassurance.

Great boat tour around Komodo islands, where you will be able to see amazing nature, giant lizard so called Komodo Dragon, you will swim with big turtles, Mantas and enjoy the best snorkeling in the world.

Bali is not the gay friendly place in Indonesia, in Java Island, we have Yogya
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