A sign outside a gay bar in the Shinjuku Ni-


The customer — a portly, balding middle-aged man in a nondescript suit — shuffles over to a table followed by a slightly built teenage lad, ruffled locks partly shielding a furtive, floor-fixed stare. When you think of gay bars in Tokyo, Shinjuku 2-chome probably comes to mind, however, there is a ton of indie bars to discover outside of Shinjuku.

While some want nothing more than a bit of company over dinner, others want a whole lot more, performing acts that in some cases could be argued verge on abuse, even rape. After a peek at the X-rated, you can also try Aiiro Cafe. While Ni-chome is just a simple jaunt from Shinjuku Station, navigating the district itself once you get there is a different matter.

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The hapless foreigner who wanders innocently in off the street via close echoing staircases or a clanking old elevator may actually find himself lucky, at least for a time. Maree, Claire. Like this post? Queering the transnational turn: Regionalism and queer Asias. With individual bar space at a premium, there is little room for diversity.

King of College, gay Shinjuku Ni-chome However, if you're an innocent to the language and the culture, such serendipity can be rare.

A sign outside a gay bar in the Shinjuku Ni-
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