Other gay bankers

There are generalisations in what I say - and with everything there are exceptions - so take what I write lightly. To the others - its a fun relaxed event.. CO Rank: Gorilla Aug 17, - pm.

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  • An open secret. Paging through the company's annual report, his boss opened it to the photo of the company's president.
  • Like, I need to experiment with this.
  • My quote got all fucked up, but I meant to agree with you, Stringer Bell.
  • This is clearly a gay guy posting on here because he's got a banker fettish and wants us to fuel him with "motivation".
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  • J udging from their representation in groups like NYBG, Wall Street's lesbians are even less visible and organized than their gay male counterparts.
  • That information is nobody's business and should be kept private. Toughest PE Interview Questions.
  • Gays are an URM, but if you play that card just be aware that you'll be 'out' so if you're a straight guy trying to take advantage of the system just realize the position you'd be putting yourself in Unknown Published on February 17, Featured on April 26,
  • Am I "gay for God"?
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Early in his career, Maier was worried that his sexual orientation might affect his career opportunities, and remained secretive. American LGBT people have some of the most open and accepting workplaces, compared to their colleagues overseas. The Bubble.

Other gay bankers
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