Oriented towards readers who do like erotic gay content but

Take another look at your Amazon keywords and categories for your ebooks or books. We are soliciting short stories about naughty men being spanked by powerful women! Censorship is then left up to the readers to govern through reviews and feedback, but it's unclear how effective that is.

They are in fact geared towards the couples, they are targeting those who have partners so that they can watch some erotic porn together and enjoy the art and the beauty of it all. This all might sound all so new age to men, but trust us when we tell you, it is all exciting and it will lift those willies the right way.

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  • Here you can enjoy all the convention trappings in an atmosphere where you're free to be yourself! Premier site reviewing gay historical fiction taking all three aspects into consideration: the gay history, the history in general AND the writing
  • There have been times when Baumbach has had to repress her female identity in order to balance out the reality of her gender with the success of her work. Like, in A Bit of Rough , the characters are having sex in an alley; they have just met, but I make sure one character hears the sound of a condom being opened.

They have reviews of books in all sub-genres of romance and host daily contests where you can win the book of your choice. People DO judge books by their covers, and the following websites prove that it isn't always a bad idea!

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Oriented towards readers who do like erotic gay content but
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