Online is where the gay world thrives

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Trying to show that gay life could survive, and thrive, at the epicenter of an anti-homosexual shock wave, gay men and lesbians here formed Ground Zero in December , just after Colorado voters narrowly approved Amendment 2, the ban on local laws that seek to prohibit discrimination against homosexuals.

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Online is where the gay world thrives

Over the years, the technology industry has become a vital partner in his business, comprising as much as seventy percent of his customer base. Former beauty queen barred from Miss World for being mother, files lawsuit. It follows, then, that there needs to be a critical mass of gay entrepreneurs, who know each other and are already out, for an organization like StartOut to exist.

Despite experiences of bullying and harassment online, LGBT youth indicated the Internet is also a space that offers safer opportunities to express who they are, find peer support and gain access to resources not necessarily available in person.

Online is where the gay world thrives
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