India s Historic Gay- Rights Ruling and the Slow March

The Shunga Empire played an imperative role in patronising Indian culture at a time when some of the most important developments in Hindu thought were taking place. February This period, witnessing a Hindu religious and intellectual resurgence, is known as the classical or " Golden Age of India ".

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  • Homosexual intercourse was a criminal offence from the introduction of Section of the Indian Penal Code in until the Delhi High Court's decision in Naz Foundation v. Acceptance to homosexual relationships was the highest in the Hindu community, though the percentage was almost half of those rejecting the same.
  • At a press conference in September during a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a journalist asked former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia about the rights of homosexuals.
  • Indo-Greek Kingdom. Rang Ghar , built by Pramatta Singha in Ahom Kingdom 's capital Rongpur , is one of the earliest pavilions of outdoor stadia in the Indian subcontinent.
  • Main article: Satavahana Empire.

Justice K. In August , Malaysian authorities censored gay scenes from the Elton John biopic, Rocketman , sparking condemnation by art critics. Three men chased and beat him, shouting profanities and homophobic slurs. Ayoni or non-vaginal sex of all types are punishable in the Arthashastra.

India s Historic Gay- Rights Ruling and the Slow March
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