HIV infection among gay men in Sydney

A Clinician’s Role in Protecting the Health of Gay, Bisexual, and other Men who Have Sex with Men

Importance of promoting HIV testing for preventing secondary transmissions: modelling the Australian HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men. The results suggest that recent modelling of the Australian epidemic may have slightly overestimated the burden of undiagnosed infection among GBM in metropolitan areas [ 8 , 9 ].

JA provided supplemental statistical analyses. Open in a separate window. J Med Internet Res. Trained staff handled all calls, provided support and facilitated appointments for confirmatory serology at local clinics.

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HIV infection among gay men in Sydney

Previous Next Contents Vol 14 3. In February , Hector Smith, aged 41, a male prostitute in the Australian Capital Territory who is HIV-positive, pleaded guilty in the ACT Magistrates Court to providing a commercial sexual service while knowing he was infected with a sexually-transmitted disease STD and failing to register as a sex worker.

The most common form of transmissions of HIV is through blood, semen, pre-ejaculation, rectal mucus, vaginal fluids and breast milk.

HIV infection among gay men in Sydney
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