Having gay parents doesn t make you gay

Avoid apologizing that your parents are gay. Having a gay parent doesn't mean you are gay, just as having straight parents doesn't mean you are straight. Robin still remembers the first time she voluntarily and directly said that her parents were gay.

Haters gonna hate , and all that.

Left the gay

  • A girl growing up looks at her mother to teach her to be a woman. You can get advice such as how to tell people you have a gay parent or how to deal with prejudice and negativity.
  • This can be difficult and hard to deal with while you are growing up, however, with a little patience and a lot of help from your family, you can overcome any harassment you face and help your family thrive. They had a right to create their own family.
  • In every way but one, most gay parents are just like straight parents. I think my Mom and her girlfriend are doing just fine, thank you.
having gay parents doesn t make you gay

Wait, are we being trolled here? Nature does not dictate that each child is raised only by his or her mother and father. You are ignoring the basic premise which is bio-logical.

Having gay parents doesn t make you gay
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