Goshen Gay Guys

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Not a big athlete, but play a little, and prefer to play than watch.

School means girls and gays

The narrow section has two long rows of parking spaces into which the men back their cars, forming two rows of cars facing each other with a thoroughfare between them. Advocates are gearing up to push for statewide inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes — what they see as a next step in the LGBT rights fight — to ensure those characteristics cannot be reasons for firing people from their jobs, denying housing or education opportunities, or refusing services.

The city council is a 4-to-3 Republican majority, in an election year with every seat up for grabs. Left in the middle is the small, conflicted town of Goshen — population 32,, described by many as a purple spot in a red county and mired in the tug of culture wars.

Stephanie Wang , stephanie.

Goshen Gay Guys
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