Gay and bisexual men use social– sexual networking

Online communities, and the corporate entities that facilitate them, have the potential to play important roles in our ability to attain public health goals. Meanwhile, the rapid and recent transitions to mobile platforms as a means to access the Internet distinguish Internet use in recent years and thus more contemporary online scientific inquiry from those of the previous decade.

The first trial examined the effects of a venue-based popular opinion leader intervention. Social network research distinguishes between sociocentric network data—data that contain all relationships between the people within a well-defined group such as a village—and egocentric personal network data.

Gay Men from all over the world and especially from

  • Increasing social support has been shown to be correlated with stronger condom norms and reduced unprotected anal intercourse among MSM living with HIV [ 32 ], whereas African-American gay men are more likely to engage in unprotected anal sex if they report receiving less social support from family and friends [ 33 ]. HIV Med.
  • Indeed, understandings of the role of HIV testing in prevention are open to rapid change, especially given the increasing focus on biobehavioural prevention strategies. Skip to main content.
  • BMJ Open.
  • The results of the backwards stepwise elimination regression are summarized in Table 5. Results Of 4, men approached, 2,
  • Men who described ad hoc testing practices emphasised that lack of community and social support, and social norms around non-testing could serve as a disincentive in developing a regular routine of testing. It is important to note that men who described having habitual testing practices did report instances of testing in response to perceived risk events; for example CAI with a casual partner of unknown status, or after partner notification of an STI.
  • Smith AMA, et al. Journal of health psychology.
  • The influence of social and sexual networks in the spread of HIV and syphilis among men who have sex with men in Shanghai, China.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections London. Amirkhanian: ude.
  • Apart from its benefits as a recruitment vehicle, the network concept is highly relevant to HIV prevention because the manner in which HIV and other STDs are transmitted in a community may be understood and mapped in relation to sexual and drug use network structures and characteristics.

Table 1 outlines key demographic characteristics of the sample. Indeed, it was more common for men with habitual testing practices to report knowing someone living with HIV, and to describe having open discussions around HIV, than it was among those describing reactive approaches.

Social support, stress and social network characteristics among HIV-positive Latino and African American women and men who have sex with men.

Gay and bisexual men use social– sexual networking
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