Dozen or so gay bars all in a row

You can walk to the bar from the Crystal City metro stop, the bar is just west of Reagan National Airport. Back in the day, it drew a predominantly leather-and-Levi's crowd, and it's still definitely a go-to if this is your scene. Continue to 41 of 42 below.

For now thing are going Ok but sexuality is still in its exploratory stage.

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Finally he came up to me at the bar and asked me if I wanted to join them. While both of these guys were very decent, they were extremely concerned with cultivating as straight-appearing a social life as possible - and in the case of Ken, the Resident Advisor, so paranoid about being discovered that he was literally developing ulcers.

This was the time that the Evergreen Review and the Village Voice a far different journal then than the pretentiously intellectual publication of later decades became part of my reading To this day Harry remains my picture of the consummate bartender -- affable, intelligent, always seemingly absorbed in one or more conversations with customers, but almost preternaturally aware and on top of every vibe in the room.

Dozen or so gay bars all in a row
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