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Orba is a tiny instrument that you shake, tap and twist. There will also be several events such as a cosplay contest, concert, and even a wedding. Everything else is taken care of! The event will also host a public wedding, following up on a proposal accepted during last year's GaymerX.

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  • The reason we offer this scholarship every year is to give people opportunities to get jobs in the games industry and to improve their professional skills. Your chances of receiving a scholarship are better if you apply to all the programs available to you.
  • Resident Evil 3 fans are having fun with remake Nemesis' weirdly long teeth and smooshed nose. We look through every portfolio website, we read every resume, and —whenever we can— we play the games applicants have created or worked on.
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  • some Gay Men groups near London
  • Paris holidays for gay singles and pairs 3
  • Expect to hear him perform this year!
  • Transgender individuals, nonbinary folx, women, people of color, agender, asexual, aromantic, people with disabilities, neurodiverse people, and all individuals at intersections of these identities are strongly urged to apply. The Selection committee, consisting of 3 to 7 volunteer staff members of GaymerX, will evaluate each application individually.
  • On top of that there will be 2, not 1, BUT 2 super secret contests in the Arcade that will happen during the weekend. Hey Gamers!
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As a proud media sponsor of GaymerX

The rest will be covered by sponsors and things of the like. Shipping destination. Amidst all the crap today, here's some great news.

As a proud media sponsor of GaymerX
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